Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to create an INMOTION App account?

Download the INMOTION APP from Google play store or App Store, then sign up with phone number, email, verification code and password.

2. What should we do when the vehicle says "please repair"?

Connect the APP to check the vehicle condition. If the APP diagnose show the vehicle in good condition, the next step is upload the log file.

3. How to do the online remote diagnose?

Run the APP diagnose first then long press the diagnose button to enter the online mode.

4. How to know the APP version is the latest?

Open Settings ---About, then you will see the APP version

5. How to verify as the vehicle owner?

Open the App, go to Me -- My Vehicles, then enter the serial number of your vehicle.

6. Why cannot connect to INMOTION APP? The app show the connection failed.

You didn’t open the network connection. You disabled the Bluetooth on the phone.

7. Why you didn’t receive the verification code through the email?

First, please make sure that your email address is correct and available, If everything is fine but still cannot get the code , you can contact us directly to get the code to register.

1. My vehicle’s self balancing does not work, how to fix?

First, connect your vehicle to phone, then check if it is in Transportation Mode or has been locked.

2. My vehicle cannot be turned off after using a period of time?

Please check if cable is disconnected from the battery switch.

3. What to do If the vehicle vibrated terribly and has abnormal noises after powered on?

Please open the outer casing of the vehicle and check if the motor shaft is loose. If yes, just firmly tighten it. If there is any fracture on the motor shaft, then you have to replace the motor.

4. What happens if I ride exceeding the speed limit?

The wheel will tilt back and you will hear the safety alert when ride exceeding the speed limit.

5. How to lock the vehicle?

You can lock or unlock the vehicle with the INMOTION App, please perform the vehicle owner authentication. The vehicle will be disabled after locking and you will hear the alert "no moving" while moving it.

1. Is it hard to assemble?

No, it is easy to assemble after taking 5-10 minutes to read the user manual and follow the step-to-step to assemble the vehicle.

1. What’s the limited 1 year Warranty include?

The applicable period for the Limited Warranty begins from the later of either: (i) the original purchase date of the Product from an authorized INMOTION Distributor or Dealer; or (ii) the activation date of the Product through the INMOTION App, and applies to the Product in the following ways: Vehicle Body / 1 Year • Hub Motor • Controller Assembly • Handlebar • Stem • Dashboard • Drum Brake • Front Fork Assembly.

2. What is the return policy

30 days after the receipt of your package for Amazon US orders. For other orders, please consult your local dealer.

3. Where can I find the serial number?

The serial number will be labeled on the outer carton. Also, you can find it on the main body of the vehicle.

User Manuals

File Name Last Modified Time Download
INMOTION V12 User Manual 03/15/2022 PDF
INMOTION V11 User Manual 03/15/2022 PDF
INMOTION V10 User Manual 03/15/2022 PDF
INMOTION V8 User Manual V20210924 03/15/2022 PDF
INMOTION V5 User Manual 03/15/2022 PDF

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